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Posted on 四月 24, 2019 at 08:31 上午

​Hakkasan团队宣布将办慈善演出,地点将在11月7日周二的OMNIA夜店。为应对近日发生的悲剧,来自拉斯维加斯的公司将与大家携手为此时事件中受影响的家庭和遇难者捐款。 Hakkasan Group has announced a Benefit Concert to take place on Tuesday, Nov. 7 at OMNIA Nightclub inside Caesars Palace. In response to the recent tragedy, the Las Vegas-based company will look to bring the industry together to raise funds for families and victims affected by this devastating event. “上周袭击(拉斯维加斯的音乐节枪击案)之后我们仍在震惊和悲伤之中,当然遇难者们的家人和受影响的人是我们优先考虑的。”Hakkasan团队的CEO Nick MaCabe说道。“用这个活动,我们希望我们的公诉,合作人和朋友们不仅回报社区,更可以展示我们的团结,在悲剧面前可以携手向前。” “We are all still feeling shock and sadness following last week’s attack, and of course the victims, their families and all of those impacted are at the forefront of our thoughts,” said Hakkasan Group CEO Nick McCabe. “With this event we hope that our company, partners and friends can not only give back to the community, but also show that we’re united, and stand together in the face of this tragedy.” 作为一个以娱乐产业闻名的城市,那晚将会请到Tiësto, Zedd, Kaskade, Steve Aoki, Lil Jon等明星来到舞台。这些传奇艺人将和本地艺人以及观众们一起在这世界娱乐中心见证这场活动。 In a city known for its world-class entertainment and legendary events, the night will bring iconic headliners Tiësto, Zedd, Kaskade, Steve Aoki, Lil Jon, and many more on one stage. These legendary artists will come together with locals and visitors alike to host an evening that further cements Vegas as the entertainment capital of the world. 票最低为30美元,也可以预定VIP,全部收入将会捐赠给拉斯维加斯遇难者基金,当地基金组织将会无偿帮助捐款到达受害者手中。 With tickets starting at $30 and VIP tables available for purchase, all proceeds will be donated to the Las Vegas Victims Fund via the Direct Impact Fund, a 501(c)(3) which will take no fees or operating costs for their help in distributing relief to the victims. 头牌DJ也是Hakkasan团队常客Tiesto与这个城市紧密相连,已经个人捐款了20万美元。 Headlining DJ and Hakkasan Group resident Tiësto, who has strong ties to the city, has already committed to contributing the first donation, a generous sum of $200,000. “拉斯维加斯像是我的另一个家了。”Tiesto说道,“这是一个很棒的城市,有着很好的人。上周灾难过后,我很想帮助受害者以及他们的家人。除了我直接捐赠的东西之外,我还将进行表演尽可能的捐出我赚来的演出费,所以我与Hakkasan团队以及其他在OMNIA这个活动的艺人们合作。” “Las Vegas has become like a home to me,” said Tiësto. “It’s an incredible city filled with great people and after last week’s tragedy, I immediately wanted to help in supporting the victims, their families, and the amazing first responders. In addition to direct donations that I have pledged, it was also extremely important to me that I perform to raise as much as possible I’m thrilled to team up with Hakkasan Group and the other artists performing for this special event at OMNIA in Las Vegas.”

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