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When STORM Hits Chengdu

by spencertarring

Posted on April 24, 2019 at 07:23 AM

Discussing the music scene in China, the first thoughts that come to mind are probably clubs in Beijing or Shanghai.Those stereotypes are quickly changing. Last weekend, it was a smaller and less famous city, 30.picone known for pandas rather than parties, that caught everybody’s attention—Chengdu. STORM Electronic Music Festival lit the entire city up as it made its first stop.   One of the things a lot of festival-goers did not expect was just how cool the buses were that took people from different parts of the city to the arena. Is there any better way to start a party than by driving around the city and drinking? What a perfect way to pre-game! 32.pic On the first day, Leo Chiodaroli opened the festival with good vibes and good music, a great way to get people warmed up for the rest of the day. King Arthur and Dallas K joined the party shortly after, and got the crowd going with bouncy house music. At about 8 pm, ATB showed Chengdu the true charm of trance music. Building up and releasing with melodic phrases, he took the audiences to another level. What next, a little more house music? Why not! Fedde Le Grand’s epic house beats definitely had everyone turnt.IMG_6073     IMG_6107 Last but not least, Dash Berlin, the headliner of the day, came up to the stage only after everyone had been physically destroyed by the previous DJs. But nothing was able to keep these party people from raving! Of course, my legs started getting sore and my feet started hurting, and I hadn’t left the stage in hours. Even still, I just could not stop jumping up and down for every drop.Dash Berlin, you know you finished the day well; everyone kept shouting “ONE MORE SONG!” well after midnight.   On day two, Tom William and Styline brought everybody back to this electronic music heaven. Arms up to the sun, we stood ready for another day of crazy rave. Helena Legend, the only female DJ at STORM Chengdu this year, was definitely a crowd favorite. Her beautiful smile behind the decks made every guy’s heart melt, as they pushed into the front row for a better view. Playing next was DJ Mag Top 100 DJ and one of the festival’s top bookings: Dannic. Like his new single “Light The Sky” says, “tonight, we’re gonna dance forever”, the crowd was lit. The best hair award at the festival goes to Tommy Trash. Nobody really saw his face; he enjoyed playing so much that he was jumping throughout his set, throwing his hair into his face. “I can’t see your face when I’m with you, but I love it”. Regardless, the fans enjoyed the set well. IMG_6154 2IMG_6161And here we go, the highlight of the entire festival for me: Far East Movement. This Asian-American hip-hop group made a lot of people lose their voice from screaming at the top of their lungs. The crowd went crazy, a lot of people remember listening to their song “Like a G6” growing up, including me. This really brought me back to my childhood. The craziest thing that happened during their performance was that Prohgress jumped down to the crowd. I was at the front row and he hit my head, a kind of happy surprise. Unfortunately, the Chinese crowds are not used the this “West Coast” way of partying, and security was going overboard trying to keep everyone safe and sound. Eventually, fans were to get pushed back by security and Prohgress had to go back on the stage. This did not affect his mood, later he threw down a “shit” emoji pool float into the crowd, and kept the party going.   The last DJ of the festival, Steve Angello, brought back everybody’s memories of Swedish House Mafia. A lot of people cried while he was playing because they missed Swedish House Mafia so much; I had some strong emotions myself. His set truly captured the excitement of the crowd with awesome build-ups and immense drops. Surrounded by tears and joy, Steve closed the party. IMG_6176 2   Every music festival is a magical place where people dress and dance however the hell they want to. It is an experience that nobody can forget. I feel more powerful after attending a festival like this. If I can survive dancing in the front row for two days straight, I can survive anything in life.   Peace out STORM Chengdu, you have done it well.  

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