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[PYRO SHOWcase]Shanghai Party Event Organizer—Shang High

by spencertarring

Posted on April 24, 2019 at 07:26 AM

PYRO will feature one venue or event organiser located in China to share with our followers. There are thousands of clubs throughout China with a steady growth of events and festivals inside and outside venues and the typical environment. This new feature will bring to light all their unique approaches to the nightlife scene. This week of PYROs “SHOWcase of the week” will be focusing on Shang High: an event organising company and also DJ duo under the Pandah name located here in Shanghai. Lets check out how they operate their functions and events. Q:Hey guys ! Its great to have you featured this week, can you tell us a little about your background and where you’re from for those that may not know you? A:Our story is a quite long one…. We are from Budapest. Capital city of Hungary, located in Central Europe. We were both born and raised in this vivid city in a unique environment full of controversies. Akos and I met during our university studies where we were majoring in Arts Management. The idea of the course was to train us to be successful in managing people and organisations that make up the arts and events communities. Besides the knowledge we have gained, the biggest positive outcome of attending this course was meeting each other. We were living in the same neighborhood for years, but we have might never have met if we didn’t find ourselves sitting next to each other in a class. For this reason we think school is not just about learning, but making new connections and expanding your network. Q:How long have you been in China and what are your thoughts on the scene here? A:We have arrived to China a bit more then a year ago. In the past year we were involved in many different music related projects, both on underground and commercial levels. What is happening in Asia, especially in China is amazing. Back in Europe we were raised in a falling economic environment. This is not a good environment for creative people; it’s too easy to find an excuse for not progressing. In China, we see that there is a growing group of the younger generation who are getting more and more interested in electronic music, arts and popular culture. I believe this as a good thing. EDM is booming here. David Guetta, one of the world’s most influential act in electronic music history is going to perform in China on New Years Eve! Dixon, who is named by the world’s number 1 underground DJ also just had a solo show in China; not an Asia tour… A solo show! China is getting pinned onto the global map of electronic music. Many industry people all around the globe and even fans are heavily against EDM. I don’t see it in that way. EDM is the door towards the more sophisticated genres. Also in our opinion, in the end the crowd decides if a musical product is good or bad. You don’t have the right to say that something is wrong, when it attracts ten-thousands of people… ten-thousands of paying customers. Q:After organizing and attending all shapes and forms of parties both here and in your home country of Hungary, how would you compare the crowd and scenes between the two? A:It is really hard to compare the two crowds. After attending many various events worldwide, I can say that the Hungarian crowd is truly one of the best in the world. They are really energetic and fans know a lot about their beloved artists. But this is all because of the Internet. Information is the key. If you want to understand the Chinese market, you should start understanding their Internet usage first. Different people have different options to get the information. In my opinion, that is the job here… to give access to information and content for Chinese people. But not in the way how most expats in the business think… You need to understand the Chinese culture first in order to do anything real positive. We don’t want to say that ‘western people have the answers’, ‘there you go’, ‘this is it’ simply because the two cultures are so different. We are not colonizing. Let me give a quick example, many times I see events where the address on the flyer is not even written in Chinese; I think this is not good. You are in China, you need to respect the local culture. Since we are living here, we are learning every day. If we want to stay true to ourselves, all we can do is to create platforms where both world-views meet and come up with answers, projects and ideas we formed together. All sides can learn from each other. And they all should… We need to help the Chinese crowd to form their own music culture, create their own communities, push local artists so Chinese people can have their respected local heroes. 640 Q:What is Shang High & Pandah and what is their purposes? A:The Shang High project currently can be seen as an event and promotion brand focused mostly on underground dance music. The main power of the brand is in the community behind the brand. We are trying to create a platform for like-minded, forward-thinking people. The tool, the common ground is the music. The whole thing is all about the people and the crew. This is the idea behind Shang High. It’s just a random name actually, the true value is in the community. The Pandah project is our b2b DJ project with Akos. We like to play long sets, where we have the time to tell a story… We came up with this name after deciding to give up on the Belitu project. DJing and producing has two different meaning to us. When we are in the DJ booth, we are performing for our audience and we want them to have fun. If they don’t enjoy, we can’t enjoy. We constantly monitor the vibe on the dance floor and trying to adjust our music to the vibe. When we are producing, we don’t really care about what people think; it’s all about our emotions and current state of mind. Two different approaches… Q:How do you two like working as a team with event organisations AND DJing together? Have a yin yang professional relationship or one specializes in one department where the other doesn’t? A:We are a perfect team together with Akos. Each decision we make has been already evaluated and accepted by both of us. I always enjoyed working in a team. I think different opinions can make real good decisions come to life and prevent mistakes from happening. Our values are the same, but the story is different so when it comes to making a decision there are two different points of views. Trust is really important for us both on the business and personal sides. Our story is a perfect example for how far trust and a common vision can take you. Q:When did you first get into electronic music and what motivated you to take the next step with organizing Shang High events? A:Music has always been a crucial part of our life. Akos is a classical pianist since his early years, he even worked for the Hungarian Opera House. In the meantime I was continuously involved in electronic music since my teenager years. I am proud to say today, that me and my friends were pioneers in the Hungarian nightlife, both as DJs and promoters. As I said before, Akos and I met at uni. One day he came to me and started to ask about electronic music production and the music business in general. Six month later he came back to me. He successfully completed a music production course and showed me some of his draft productions. I was blown away… I already knew that we need to do something together… After a school trip to Berlin we have decided to work on some new productions together. We were doing studio sessions day-to-day and started to release music under the moniker ‘Belitu’. After a few smaller releases we decided to launch our own record label under the name Attaché Records to give exposure to some hidden talents we found on the various social media sites. Both of the projects can be seen as true independent garage projects. We had no money at all, just a vision and the enjoyment of doing it. The breakthrough comes after our first Asian Tour with the Belitu project. We spent 3 weeks across Asia, having gigs in Thailand, Malaysia and China. We instantly realized how strongly these markets are becoming and we decided to move here and try our luck… The Asian mentality and way of thinking is also close to our beliefs, as I think both Me and Akos are quite spiritual beings. Looking for both the questions and answers all the time. 640 Q:How has the support been from the local community since Shanghigh’s inception? A:All in all, I think that people love what we do. There are always obstacles we need to come over, but that’s life. For us, what matters is that we need to love what we do. I think it’s impossible to reach great success if you don’t like the field you are working in. Nightlife is great to meet interesting people… and we love interesting people. What I see as a big problem from the industry side, that there is still a lack of co-operation between key people of the business. If they could unite, much greater results could be achieved. Cooperation and sharing knowledge is also the key. Q:Which qualities would you say a good party have? A:A good party? Nowadays, I am really enjoying the smaller, more intimate get-togethers. But as I said before, a good party is where the audience says it’s good and both the artist, the club owners and the crowd leaves with a big smile on their faces. Q:Whats next for Shanghigh or your DJ careers? Any goals you would like to accomplish by the end of the year? A:Our personal goal is to become better and better every day. The same goes to our projects… Although it’s important to let things go… We don’t really care about the future of our brands. Those are just names and logos. All we care about is the people behind the brands, the crew and the fans while always being ready to adopt new people to the system. I see this is a unique attitude of ours. Many people are trying to create closed, ‘elite’ communities. We don’t want to do that, we want to meet new people, always change our businesses as we change personally all the time as well. Good music should be available to everyone… no matter what religion, what state-of-mind, culture, the color of your skin or the brand of your t-shirt. We should not forget that the party culture was coming to existence in order to unite the people, to create a bridge between people with different lives and stories. No matter if you are working at McDonald’s or working as a lawyer, on the dance floor we are all the same, trying to escape from the frightening reality we are living in by creating an alternate reality on the dance floor! Q:Thank you for your time! Feel free to give further shout outs! A:To start with, thank you guys for the opportunity! It’s been a pleasure. Shout out goes to all the people who are and were with us on this journey. You are all part of this story Particularly the ones who helped us to grow, sharing their true selves and their true feelings. The ones who were willing to open up. The ones who are looking not for the differences but the common ground. The ones who were willing to share their insights and knowledge so we can become better. One thing we know for sure… we will always be thankful and we will never forget where we started or where we came from…

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