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Attache Records

by spencertarring

Posted on April 24, 2019 at 07:19 AM

“In diversity we trust”. This motto led Attaché Records for creating a new, totally global underground music label. Born in Berlin. Raised in Budapest. Moved to Shanghai. Even though the whole project is just a bit more than a year old, their catalogue and artistic vision spread quite rapidly among underground DJs and producers. They are working with artists from all around the globe, with the key goal of discovering more and more new talents. The label’s core members are based in Germany, UK and in the USA. With releasing tracks from Curses (US) or Hostage (UK), Attaché was pinned to the map of quality electronic dance music. Getting featured on Vice’s well-recognized THUMP channel instantly gave the label an instant push and global recognition. Since Belitu, the Attache co-founder DJ duo moved his base to Asia during the summer of 2015, the presence of the record label is continuously growing among the artists and fans of the Far-Eastern techno and house scene. Since Asia is still an undiscovered market, the new main goal of the label is to discover and manage local Asian producers and DJs, and introduce them to a wider and bigger audience. Attache Records on PYRO

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