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Citizen Kain Tour in China: Exclusive Interview with PYRO Music

by spencertarring

Posted on April 24, 2019 at 07:25 AM

The French famous DJ/producer Citizen Kain is coming to Tianjin, China on September 15, to attend the Yinyang Music Festival, kicking off a short China tour. His story is an interesting one. After leaving the punk lifestyle of his youth and surviving of the nineties’s rave scene, he began to produce techno music. His efforts show a different side of electronic music, and has garnered the attention of people around the world. In 2009, he started his own label called Neverending, which has over 200 track releases to date. You’re preparing for your mini China tour throughout the middle kingdom, will this be your first time? No, it won’t be the first time, I already played in Shanghai 2 times and it was a great experience, obviously it will be my very first time in Beijing. What attracted you to head to the other side of the world – new crowd, different culture or just something new? Well, I think it’s a little bit of all of that, I love to travel and discover new countries, cultures, crowds and of course I love to share my music with the most people possible, so it was obvious to go as soon as possible as far away as possible 🙂 yinyang So back in the 90s you were heavily involved in the punk scene, what drew you to the electronic side of music, specifically techno? Indeed I was playing in Punk Rock / Hardcore bands but my friends started to make high schools and it was more and more difficult to have serious rehearsals, at the same time I was discovering house and techno music and I felt in love of the atmosphere of 90’s rave parties. It was the same energy than in a rock concert and I quickly understood that deejaying was something I could make alone without always waiting on my friends so I decided to buy a mixer and 2 decks and I learned deejaying… Talk a bit about your most recent release on Blufin records, Low Blow. It’s a track that i made a little bit before this summer, I sent it to Maceo Plex who immediately played it, so i understood it has a potential, so i decided to ask to some artists that I love the music to make remixes, so why about Metodi Hristov and Third Son, two artists i currently really appreciate. Then I sent the whole package to my friend Andrea who is the owner of Blufin and she loved the tracks. As Blufin is a little bit like a home label for me, when she ask me if she can release the EP, I immediately said « Yes of course! » citizen-kain-by-sebastien-lugand-03-color_ You have some massive artists supporting your productions from Dubfire to Richie Hawtin, are any of these legends some of your inspirations? Who were some other inspirations of yours? Yes of course both of these artists inspired me, mainly Richie allowed me to discover techno but I have a lot of inspirations, Maceo Plex is currently clearly the biggest one but i’m also very inspired by old bands that I was listening in my childhood like Depeche Mode, Joy Division, New Order, The Cure, Kraftwerk… Neverending is the record label you created back in 2009, what was the motivation behind this? Just to have my own imprint and can release what I want when I want … It’s sometimes hard to find a label when you want release a track quickly, it was a good way to do it. Also I regularly meet a lot of artists during my tours, so it’s also a good way to make collaborations. Techno and house have reemerged as the dominating genres, many festivals with previously edm lineups are starting to incorporate more underground artists – do you think this is beneficial or negative for techno and house?neverendingrecords Well to be honest I hate EDM, in my mind what would be the most positive would be that they replace all EDM in the festivals by house and techno ! : )) Anyway, yes I think it’s positive that peoples can discover house and techno by theses big festivals like Tomorrowland or so. What is some advice you can give to all the aspiring Chinese producers that don’t have access to youtube tutorials and western resources? Well it’s a hard question because it’s true that tutorials on Youtube can be very helpful to learn to work on Ableton Live or any others DAW, but when I started to produced Youtube was not existing, I was just spending a lot of time to talk with my friends about technics and also to read a lot of magazines and owner’s manual… So I guess the best way to learn to produce is to meet peoples and talk about productions, exchange skills with other producers & support each others. Also Ableton live is an easy way to discover production, there’s into the software an internal help and you can advance step by step. Whats next for Citizen Kain? I will continue to touring a lot this year. Also with my friend Kiko, we will release a great remix for Noir and Olivier Giacomotto soon, we also preparing a new EP on Noir Music together. I will also release very very soon a new EP called « Peaches » on my label Neverending and of course i’m still working on a lot of stuffs that will be released this winter 🙂

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