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DJ Mag Announces Top 100 Clubs List

by spencertarring

Posted on April 24, 2019 at 07:29 AM

DJ Mag Top 100 Clubs

Each year, the world’s leading electronic music magazine, DJ Mag, selects what it calls the world’s top 100 DJs; the list has become a hot topic across the industry. Every year, the magazine also chooses the top 100 clubs in the world, and with the help of this list, travelers can choose wisely where they want to party.  

7 Chinese Clubs in the List

The 2017 ranking has been released, and there are many clubs in the top 10 that people will already be familiar with. But mainland China has only been on featured in this list recent years. As this year, there are 7 Chinese club finalists, there is no doubt that China is beginning to have a huge influence in the industry. These clubs are brand new to the list, Shenzhen SECTOR, Chengdu SPACE, Hangzhou SOS, others in the region have been featured in the past. Having more Chinese clubs enter the top 100 also indicates that more international DJs will want to play in China. Not only will fans get to see more great DJs, but there could be more opportunity for Chinese artists to perform and collaborate.. This, along with the influx of music festivals coming to China, could spark a greater interest in Chinese acts on the world’s stage.  

Top 10 Clubs in the World

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