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Exclusive Interview With Florian Meindl

by spencertarring

Posted on April 24, 2019 at 07:20 AM

Florian Meindl is one of the most relevant actors in today’s underground music scene. Born in Austria, currently based in Berlin, Florian is very ambitious and is more than committed towards techno music. He is a DJ, producer, runs his own record label and sound-design company and owns a massive collection of analog hardware. Check out the interview below to get more insights into Florian’s career, musical taste and his suggestions to music producers in China.   florian-meindl-studio 2 Could you introduce yourself briefly for those who don’t know you well yet? F.M. I’m a Berlin based Techno producer, DJ, LIVE act. I play about 70 selected gigs a year all over the world and I own 2 labels: FLASH Recordings for Techno music and Riemann Kollektion for Loops & Sounddesign! My first Vinyl release was in 2005 and I started FLASH Recordings in 2007. In the sound-design field I work together with all important companies including Ableton, Native Instruments and Beatport Sounds. When did you start making electronic music? F.M. I started DJing in 1998 when I was 13 and music production when I was 17. What was your first success? F.M. My first Vinyl released in 2005 which was charted and played by Larry Heard aka Mr. Fingers and my most successful record was a hit on Trapez Records a few years later which sold 5000 units. In terms of sound design Riemann Kollektion hit nr. 1 in the charts very often and my collaboration with Native Instruments for a MASCHINE Expansion pack called “Static Friction” is worth mentioning too! What are you the most proud of in your career or life? F.M. In my career that I proved to sustain successful for a long period of time and that I’m not depending on another label or company. Short time success happens often randomly and with luck, but long term success is the real success and proof of quality. I admire Jeff Mills a lot for this, he also gained another hard level by being timeless. What is your best memory as a DJ? F.M. Too many but when I played in front of 20.000 Techno fans in Brazil a couple of years ago in the middle of the jungle that was impressive and I felt lucky to present them my music! What is your favorite track/song of all time? F.M. Very difficult to tell but in Techno it is DJ Rolando – Jaguar, which is actually more Jazz than techno isn’t it? Is there any artist you would like to collaborate with? F.M. Yes many, I think collaboration helps a lot for the artistic development if the right people come together! Björk would be interesting to work with because she is one of the highest respected musicians in my record collection and she likes to collaborate with electronic music artists. Which software do you use to produce music and what are your favorite plugins/hardware? F.M. I started with software and I used it a lot until 2012, then I began to mix it with hardware and now my studio is full of analog drum machines, mixers and a large Eurorack Modular-System – I still tend to use the best out of both worlds, my sequencer is Cubase and I use only UAD and Native Instruments Synths and plugins. The hardware pool is huge and constantly changing but the most important thing is the modular system at the moment! What is your impression on the evolution of electronic music since you started till now? F.M. I saw that ideas come from the underground, then they get popular and then people with bad taste come into this popular genre and make it very cheesy and commercialize it to fit into a pop music shape – this happened in the mid 90s when electronic music was all over the radio charts and it happened in about 2010 with EDM but on the other hand there is people who make always their thing no matter what is popular at the moment like Robert Hood, Jeff Mills etc. but both things are extremes and as long as people accept and like it it’s ok – it’s the way it is. What do you think about the electronic music scene/market in China? F.M. I don’t know anything about it yet but if there are fans of my music I will discover it hopefully! Do you have any advice for the young Chinese DJs/producers? F.M. They should invent their own way of Techno that would be very interesting! They should build up their own labels and show the world what is their sound, I like to collaborate with people who built up their own thing! Is there something you want to say to your Chinese fans? F.M. If there are fans of my music, post something on my Facebook wall so I can see you! 🙂 I didn’t know that I have fans in China yet! Listen to Florian Meindl on PYRO! Florian-miendl-qr Listen to FLASH Recordings on PYRO! flash_recordings_qr

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