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JIN DJs’ Halloween Exclusive “Evil Empire” Is Out On PYRO!!

by spencertarring

Posted on April 24, 2019 at 07:25 AM

JIN is one of the most international EDM duos in China. This perfect combination of production and performance was formed by Evin King from Shanghai and his wife Viki Jin from Russia. They started using JIN as their group name in 2014, but have over 20 years in the music and DJ industry separately. On today, Halloween day, they release a PYRO Music exclusive, a new single about Halloween. Let’s chat with JIN DJs about their new single and see what they’ve been up to lately. 640 Q:First we want to ask about the new song, can you introduce it a little? A:The new single ‘Evil Empire’ is a bass house song, and has a little trap style. Bass house is our latest style of music we play! Q:You’ve had many songs in the past there were liked by big DJs, what do you expect from this song? A:When me met the producer Action, he had so many inspirational productions, he is a young and talented producer in Russia. At first, when we wanted to try make bass House music, our first song ‘Sick Bass’ was very popular, Firebeatz also played it in their radio show, so we decided to keep cooperation with Action, to make more bass house music let more and more DJs play our song. This new song ‘Evil Empire’ was inspired by the American dramas ‘The Exorcist’ and ‘The Strain’, so it’s very suitable to play at Halloween. Actually, we are cooperating with others producer now,to make s many others style of dance music, and let people know dance music type better and be able to choose their favorite type! 640-3 Q:You play a lot of shows as well, how do you make the time to make new songs? We have so many shows now, and not enough time to make new music, so we make songs with other producers now. That can save a lot of time, each producer can play their special skills, to make better music. In fact, we are one of the earliest promotion type DJ labels in China. Two years ago we finished a lot of demos, but didn’t release anything, nobody know about it. But this year we sprint, the Chinese dance music market is very good, so many Chinese producers are spending the money to promote. Although their songs may not be very mature, their work has improved a lot. At Christmas we will release an album that we have worked on for a long time. It took two years to make a complete, the album has more than 20 singles. I hope everyone can support to our first album! Q:What do you think about the Chinese dance music market? A:China still needs to develop domestic brands, the dance music market is developing too fast, just introducing music with no roots is bullshit. If a club can play 60% local labels and artists’ productions, it can be successful. Like Korea or Russia often plays the Korean songs or Russian songs, people can sing along to that. China needs more time, and to extend the dance music culture, not just promote in the circle. If people don’t like you, it’s difficult to change their mind! 640-4 Q:Some advice for any young producers out there? A:Imitation is needed, but the music must have one’s own soul, you don’t necessarily need to be a master to be good, but the sound must be from the heart! Q:What is next? A:We released the new single ‘Evil Empire’ at Halloween, and at Christmas we will release an album, at the same time we will have a new single remix contest, which will be released on Valentine’s Day. Next year we will release an album named ‘Indie Pop’, and another EP. The most important thing is that we will launch JIN Record Label soon, so pay attention!

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