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Spencer Tarring

by spencertarring

Posted on April 24, 2019 at 07:19 AM

Founder and CEO of PYRO, and label boss of Vous Records, Spencer moved to Shanghai 6 years ago to begin his work as Music Director for M1NT Shanghai a newly opened club/restaurant on the Bund. Discovering a whole new world of untapped potential Spencer began to develop his DJ and producer career here in the heart of China. With releases on Spinnin’, Revealed and a number of smaller labels, he was still not satisfied with his influence upon the Chinese dance scene, and PYRO was born. With a dream to connect local DJs with International producers and record labels, and in turn local listeners, his vision is embodied in the very soul of the PYRO platform. Bringing together all genres of electronic music to one community so everyone can benefit from experience and increased exposure, Spencer hopes this vision can become a reality over the next few years. He still produces music (when he has any spare time!) and of course you can catch him playing at some of the best clubs in town, including M1NT, Linx and a few underground spots. Check out his profile on PYRO!

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