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Vous Records

by spencertarring

Posted on April 24, 2019 at 07:19 AM

With the origins of Vous Records spanning three continents, it’s fair to say that the label was born with a global mission.  Founded by Spencer Tarring, Vous is operated from studios in Shanghai, LA and London, which offer its artists a truly unique proposition, while ensuring the label’s finger remains firmly on the EDM pulse. Vous boasts a release schedule, artist roster, state of the art audio-visual production suits and high-end clothing brand that inevitably leave the competition as an all but a distant concept. Vous Records is the renowned benchmark for high-end production, consistent quality and polished finish that is impressively applied to every single release; the result?  A string of A-list support and a music catalogue that is enviably all killer, no filler. With a knack for spotting emerging talent amongst the endless demos, signings including Nexity and Italian duo Menegatti and Fatrix prove that Vous is investing in serious future talent. A premium sound goes hand in hand with a premium image; Vous will always remain true to its core values of quality over quantity, style and substance – whether that’s artwork, videos or the music, you can be sure that if the Vous stamp is attached, the quality is assured. Vous on PYRO

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