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Liben of Riben(日本) | New EP out exclusively on PYRO Now!

by spencertarring

Posted on April 24, 2019 at 07:26 AM

This time recommended a Producer/DJ from Japan, he is in China to find his way to electronic music, keen to creation, Recent on PYRO music released the new EP, attract the attention of other musicians. Let us together to know fluent in Chinese young Japanese producers-LIBEN! Q:Can you introduce yourself a little? A:Hi, I’m LIBEN. I’m from Nagoya, Japan. I first came to China at the age of 12 with my parents, living in Hainan province. When I was at my Chinese high school, the first time I came into contact with electronic music was when I heard Skrillex’s song “Bangrang”, I loved the music and it had a great influence on me. I knew electronic music was made through the computer, so I decide to leave school and try to become a producer and DJ. Of course, my parents objected, so I went back to Japan, and started working life, living alone, and put all of my money towards buying music production equipment. Back in Japan, I learned basic music knowledge by myself. Really, I began to try to produce music only this year. When I prepared all the music and production equipment I needed, I resigned from my job and went back to China again. I set up a studio at my home in Hainan, and began producing again and learning some DJ skills. Q:Is this your first time releasing an EP? A:Yes, thank you very much PYRO Music for providing me the platform to show my music. This is my first EP, the four singles are: ‘I Can ‘t Speak English’, ‘Mild’, ’Error’, and ’Next’. 1 Q:Can you make some comments on these four songs you produced? A:The first song ‘I Can ‘t Speak English’ is the EP’s main song, it is a very unique style of dubstep. The second song, titled ‘Mild’, is mild bass music, it brings a more relaxed feeling. The third, ‘Error’, is a collaboration between me and a Chengdu-based bass producer Harikiri, it’s a combination of Moonbahton and dubstep style bass music. Finally ‘Next’ is a very cheerful dubstep song. People can listen to my personal features from this EP, such as the unique bass, I like these four songs very much. Q: Where does your inspiration come from? A:I decided to start writing electronic music from the beginning, keeping my head full of inspiration. Whenever I am walking or cooking, I use my mouth to simulate inspiration of mine. But before I lacked a lot of knowledge, it was difficult to make music in my mind, so at the beginning to self-study production, it’s easy to give up. In Japan, one day, I saw a book about electronic music, Japan’s well-known producer Tofubeats said ‘Electronic music is actually very simple, all you have to do is constantly repeat trial and error’. After that inspired me, I repeated a lot of trial and error, more and more in mind, the inspiration could be a reality. So my inspiration has not broken through. 7 Q: We heard you will collaborate with Dexter King soon? A:Yes, of course, in addition to Dexter King and Harikiri, I will work with other artists in the future. Q: Do you have any performances in China coming up? A:Recently, all my time has been spent working on production, and I just finished my first and second performances in Hainan province. 8 Q: How about your future plans and goals? A:In the future, I’m ready to work to hone my skills better, and the creation and release of more music. I’m looking forward to go to more places to play music. And hope in the future and more exchanges and collaboration with other artists. Please look forward to my future work! LIBEN PYRO PAGE:    

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