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New stars of Chinese Producers & DJs,Dream Hackers

by spencertarring

Posted on April 24, 2019 at 07:27 AM

Dream Hackers is a duo consisting of 2 students named Eric & Peter, studying at the Tisch Music school of New York University. Capturing their own stories and feelings is critical to their sound, and they fuse these elements into the music that they produce. They are the new stars of Chinese Producers & DJs, and they are excited to release their latest works on Pyro Music. So let’s learn some more about these two new talents. 5-pic Q:Hello, could you please introduce yourself a bit? A:Hello everybody, we are the Dream Hackers, the one in the white clothes is Eric, black clothes is me (Peter). We are both music majors at NYU Tisch School, freshman level music majors this year. We met in school and began working together from there. Q:Please talk about your song “Real Good Thing”. A:The new song ‘Real Good Thing’ is our collaboration made with our fellow student Domenico. Domenico did the vocals, we made the music. This song is about us, and our feeling of being musicians now: We are very lucky to get into the best American pop music school, and from September to now, just less than three months, we’ve been signed to three labels and have performed in Los Angeles and New York. These are the Real Good Things, making us put more effort into making more high quality music, and let more people to listen to our music.   Q:Did you have any differences while producing? A:Eric is best at Progressive and Melodic, the thing that I’m better at is Bass. Because each person has their own strengths, so we had no issues. Sometimes I found some of the problems he didn’t, and we can solve them together. This is one the benefits of being in a duo. 4-pic Q:You study music in the United States, what differences does it have compared to domestic electronic dance music? A:I think, first of all, the United States is not affected by China’s firewall, so we can use Youtube, Soundcloud, Splice and other places to study. And then, because our school is a pop music school, and its focused on writing and production, I learned that a good song cannot separate songwriting and recording. In songwriting we will pay more attention to soul of a song, each song has a story we want to bring everybody, rather than simply to playing music. In production, we now we also record using musical instruments, not just the MIDI instruments. Q:Will you have any live performances in China? A:Yes! Please see our schedule below! Q:How do you divide the work between you when producing a song? A:When producing, Eric and I are each responsible for our own things. At a show, I DJ, Eric is the MC. 3-pic Q:If you were able to collaborate with any domestic or international artists, who would it be? A:Because we are a wide range of styles, we like to cooperate with many different artists, domestically it would be Carta, Dirtyclass, Warz. They are my good friends, so we want a cooperation with them to do some different things. For international artists, I’m recently into Monstercat and the new artist Tokyo Machine, their stuff is very unique, I think we would hit it off. Q:What are your plans for after this release? A:Our current plan is to produce more music. At the beginning of next year, we will try to release on each of the big foreign mainstream platforms. Our short term goal is to have a release on Mostercat or Armada in 2017! We will arrange more at home during the summer vacation. Dream Hackers PYRO Music Page:

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