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PYRO Radio 034: Sophistakid

by spencertarring

Posted on April 24, 2019 at 07:23 AM

Welcome to a new episode of PYRO Radio. This week, it is the episode 34 with Sophistakid! 640 Born in the burgeoning House Music scene of Johannesburg, South Africa, Heinrich Boshoff (Sophistakid) is a long way from home. Based in Shenzhen, China for over 8 years, Sophistakid has greatly contributed to the development of the electronic music scene in the southern Chinese city. After discovering his love for electronic music in his adolescence, Sophistakid was fascinated with the possibilities it presented and focused on DJing. That was ten years ago. Sophistakid has been DJing continually since – and the DJ booth is still one of his favorite places to be – but it’s the hundreds and hundreds of gigs since from tiny clubs to huge stages, where he developed the craft of DJing, developing his own style that can now push the most underground crowd into a hand-waving frenzy, or lock a mainstream crowd into a hypnotic groove. And of course, there’s no-one like Sophistakid to prove the cliché that the best DJs get the girls on dance floor.

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