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SpinninPYRO’s Open Submission Playlist Is Out!

by spencertarring

Posted on April 24, 2019 at 07:21 AM

Millions of people watched and waited while Spinnin’s A&R team checked every song out. The submission playlist is finally out!

Congratulations to the top 10 original tracks that made into the SpinninPYRO recommendated playlist!

640-2   Spinnin Records A&R department gave out some production tips and feedbacks to their top 3 selection:   “Track has got a lot of energy, we hear some strong drops! Percussive sounds at the second drop are a nice addition. Great job!”   “Production is sufficient, vocals in the break are nice and drops are powerful! So far so good, but we also have a few tips: at 1:14 the arrangement loses a bit of energy, try to add a kick without low end for instance and build it up to the drop. The vocal before the drop sounds a bit off key. Same goes for the part at 2:50. Great job so far though!”   “We hear some nice elements but also a few things that need some attention. The mix for instance is a bit thin, compare your track to an Oliver Heldens production and analyse the differences. The sample ‘everybody put your hands up’ is done before (like a 1000 times) a little bit more outside the box on that part please J.  Not bad at all and if you follow up the above notes you might take this one to the next level!”   There are other tracks that made into the SpinninPYRO recommendated playlist, Click here for the full playlist 640-2 640  

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