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Top tracks of last week on PYRO

by spencertarring

Posted on April 24, 2019 at 07:20 AM

1. Alvaro & Jetfire – Guest List (Original Mix) alvaro-and-jetfire Music for heated moments, leave it to Alvaro and Jetfire to provide the perfect soundtrack for that time of night floors get raving. It’s a strong piece of electro madness taking hold here, letting the freak out with twisted fragments of vocals before unleashing another volley of relentless beats. It’s strong, it’s heavy and will blow you off your feet. Better be on the Guest List. Listen to Alvaro & Jetfire – Guest List on PYRO!   2. Maddix – Ghosts (Original Mix) Screen-Shot-2015-11-30-at-14.00.23 The Utrecht based Electro House Producer Maddix is about to drop what must be one of Revealed Recordings’ best tracks of 2015. “Ghosts”, available November 18th, is one of the strongest songs Maddix has produced in his short but stellar career, an ethereal, anthemic and atmospheric take on electro house with a pulsating, thumping twist. Fluctuating between a beautiful, synth-driven melody, towering drops, and the inimitable Maddix beat, “Ghosts” demonstrates the stratospheric sound that was present on the colossal “Riptide” – his previous Revealed release. Euphoric and intense in equal measure, “Ghosts” is another step towards the upper echelons of the genre for the young Dutch artist, a bold statement that will have clubs shaking and festival grounds bouncing. Listen to Maddix – Ghosts on PYRO! 3. Booka Shade – Perfect Time (Original Mix) book-shade- Booka Shade’s fifth album ‘Eve’ is billed as a dramatic rebirth. Having come close to splitting up, the Berlin duo set up shop at the Eve residential studio in Manchester (hence the title) and reportedly rediscovered their mojo while writing this album from scratch. Eve leaves you wondering how much Booka Shade continue to be inspired by dance music. Like New Order, they were once capable of taking on-trend undercurrents from contemporary club music and weaving those into fresh crossover tracks without compromise. Eve, in contrast, sounds self-referential, dated and pretty low on ideas. The creative gap between this record and something like Moderat’s similarly pop-friendly is huge. Eve may maintain Booka Shade’s festival bookings, but it adds little to their story. Listen to Booka Shade – Perfect Time on PYRO! 4. Submerge & Ricardo Garduno – Misunderstanding (Original Mix) Screen-Shot-2015-11-30-at-14.07.55 A new Techno heavyweight from Chicago “Submerge” joins the FLASH roaster and teams up with one of the most innovative Mexican underground Techno producers of the new generation “Ricardo Garduno”. The outcome is a 3 tracks EP which got played by label owner Florian Meindl in many of his DJ-Mixes around the globe already. Listen to Submerge & Ricardo Garduno – Misunderstanding on PYRO!   5. KSHMR & R3HAB – Strong (Extended Mix) Screen-Shot-2015-11-30-at-14.14.36 Invigorating sounds by a collab that promises to work wonders. For sure, R3HAB and KSHMR deliver gold with this vocally fuelled electro tune, building up their vibe with nice meandering melodics before a straightforward electro anthem kicks in. Huge and overwhelming, Strong is nothing less than the title suggests. Big one! Listen to KSHMR & R3HAB – Strong on PYRO!

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