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China “Take Over” Brazil | Remix Contest

by spencertarring

Posted on April 24, 2019 at 07:29 AM

PYRO音乐 x AIMEC Music Remix Contest| China Edition


China’s Premier electronic music platform has again bridged the gap between the middle kingdom and a huge international brand. PYRO Music is proud to support its many producers by offering the chance to get discovered by one of the largest record labels in the world; not only that, but the also represent China in an industry that is being dominated elsewhere…

We’re stoked to announce PYRO’s next remix contest in partnership with AIMEC Music (Brazil) and top artists FractaLL, Gabe and FKLS for a killer track called “Take Over”. This chill deep house track features pulsating bass, subtle guitar licks and synths plus a pitch-shifted vocal chop.

If AIMEC and YIN Records like your remix you could win some crazy prizes including: official release on AIMEC Music’s Yin Records label, a super valuable artist mentorship program from SKIO & Aimec A&R’s, distribution to Spotify, Beatport and other major channels, some killer iZotope plugins, a LANDR 1 yr PRO subscription to master your tracks like a pro ($299 value), a Skype Meet and Greet with FractaLL and Gabe (translator will be present if necessary). On top of all that support from Mix Union, Mix Feed, AIMEC & SKIO Soundcloud repost network to over 750K+ followers!

There are no specific genres for the contest, so you are free to produce whatever you want, in any musical style. Be creative, use and abuse the samples that are provided! We decided to leave out the drum stems to challenge you to flex your skills and get creative. As usual, do your thing and have fun!

Submissions are now open, March 15th 2017, and the deadline is Monday, April 15. This gives you 30 days to analyse the track, download the stems and give it your spin – remember ALL genres are accepted, dare to be different 0_o


  • Official release on AIMEC Music (YIN Records)
  • Distribution to Spotify, Beatport and major outlets
  • Support from Mix Union, Mix Feed, AIMEC & SKIO Soundcloud repost network (750K+ followers)
  • Artist Mentorship from AIMEC & SKIO A&R’s
  • iZotope Neutron & Ozone 7 Plugins ($435)
  • LANDR 1 yr PRO Subscription ($299)
  • Skype Meet & Greet with FractaLL & Gabe
  • ¥1,000 RMB Cash Prize*
  • Hercules DJ Midi Controller*
  • PYRO Homepage Banner dedicated to your song*
  • Free PYRO PRO Account Upgrade*
  • PYRO Music Swag Bag*
  • SKIO Music Swag

The RUNNER-UP Prize 

  • Official release on AIMEC Music (YIN Records)
  • Distribution to Spotify, Beatport and major outlets
  • iZotope Iris 2 Plugin ($111)
  • Call with SKIO Music A&R’s
  • SKIO Music swag
  • PYRO Music Swag Bag*
  • PYRO Homepage Track Recommendation*
  • Free PYRO PRO Account Upgrade*

*These prizes will be rewarded to the top 2 China based remixers regardless if they’re chosen by AIMAC & FractaLL judges.

How To Submit

  1. Navigate to FractaLL’s STEM playlist and download all the pieces of the original HERE
  2. REMIX! Put your own spin on the original in ANY way you’d like!
  3. Upload as “Remix”
  4. Choose UGC for User Generated Content (Official is for Record Labels)
  5. Type “Take Over (Your DJ Name Remix)” i.e. Take Over (PYROMAN Remix)
  6. Put in YOUR DJ Name for “Remixing Artist” i.e. PYROMAN
  7. Enter FractaLL , Gabe, FKLS for the “Original Artists”
  8. Select the genre as the style you chose to remix 
  9. Save.
  10. SHARE!

Who is FractaLL?


FractaLL is kind of a big deal if you haven’t heard of him, especially in his native country of Brazil and all of South America. He has over 250,000 Soundcloud followers and more than 150,000 Facebook likes, that is constantly growing with each release on his record label, Mix Feed, which happens to be the largest in South America.

FractaLL is a project by the talented Brazilian DJ and producer Lucian Castro who is also the owner of the labels “Mix Feed” and “Sublime Music”. The artist began in 2008 and has managed to create a unique identity in its musical style, with influences ranging from house music to techno. Lucian is constantly performing in several respected clubs and is recognized by influential names in the e-music industry.

                                                                                                                                                       = 10,000,000+ Plays!!!

Fine Print

The Contest Submission period begins at 11 AM Pacific Standard Time (PST) on Fri, March 15, 2017 and ends at 11:59PM PST on Mon. Apr. 15, 2017. This Contest is global friendly and open to producers based in South America and elsewhere. The winners will be selected by AIMEC, YIN Records, FractaLL, Gabe, FKLS & SKIO Music during the judging period. Only one entry per contestant. Odds of winning depend on number of entries received, artistic and technical merit of entry judged by subjective criteria.


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