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Chinese Artists Start European Tour and Make Debut in Tomorrowland

by spencertarring

Posted on April 24, 2019 at 07:23 AM

For people who are into electronic music, a rising team called Mad Panda must be familiar. It consists three intelligent young Chinese music producers: Chace Born in a musical family,  Chace started learning to play drums at the age of 2, and even performed in his father’s band for a few years. His songs have over 26 million plays online. In Baijia Music Awards, his collaboration with Momo Wu and Tsunano “No Confusion” has reached 500,000 plays. 640 Tsunano Tsunano is a rising electronic music artist. He started producing music and DJing at the age of 17. By using special sound designs, Tsunano has earned attentions in both the mainstream and underground music industry. 640-2 Dexter King Dexter King headlines the biggest music festivals in China such as Strawberry Festival, RELEASE, MIDI & STORM. He toured through the Netherlands in July and October in 2015 where he played at the biggest festivals and clubs that this country offers. He was the first Chinese artist who brought original Chinese EDM to the world and participated Amsterdam Dance Events. 640-3 So here comes to the question, how is Mad Panda doing? So in the end of May, Yellow Claw announced to collabe with one of the team members, Chace. And as soon as Yellow Claw and Chace’s “Destination” EP releases in the beginning of June, they immediately got tons of positive feedbacks from the crowd. 640-4 In July, “Destination” has gotten No. 6 at the iTunes dance music chart along with Kygo and Hardwell. 640-5 On June 30th, Mad Panda got an invitation from SLAM! radio station for an interview in the Netherlands. It is the first time ever that SLAM! has invited Chinese music producers to the show. 640-6 640-7 SLAM! (Sound, Lifestyle And More, previously FLAM!FM) is a commercial-national radio station in the Netherlands, focuses on pop, R&B, and dance music. 640-8 Mad Panda has given us enough surprises, but there’s one more: Chace has joined the lineup of Barong Family Stage in Tomorrowland as the first Chinese artist to be on this huge festival. When the news came out, Chace expressed how grateful he was on Weibo. 640-9 Since June 9th this year, Mad Panda has started their first Europe Tour that lasts for two months. Three guys, eleven cities, one dream that Chinese electronic music producers eager to chase. 640-10 640-11   640-13   640-14

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