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Double Zero brand by music artist ZEDD and design team SF Inc.

by spencertarring

Posted on April 24, 2019 at 07:29 AM

  Grammy award‐winning, global music artist and producer ZEDD teamed up with top Japanese design team SF Inc. to launch new brand Double Zero and the release of high definition headphones. Dynamic yet precise, Double Zero 001 headphones offer that ideal balance of power and crystal‐clear resolution. Through its intricately produced sound frequency spectrum, it delivers a great listening experience for all genres of music from acoustic to electronic sounds. Sound platform by Japans top sound system manufacturer ONKYO The most vital component for headphone sound, the sound driver, was developed by top Japanese sound system manufacturer ONKYO. Its 40mm carbon paper driver negates disruptive vibrations and produces clear yet powerful, precise sounds. The 10Hz〜80kHz sound frequency spectrum ables high‐resolution sounds to be played with immaculate quality. Inter‐weaved stable headphone cable 99.9% high‐purity copper OFC wires are used to eliminate transmission delays at the highest level and its durability maximized through intricate inter‐weaving. Direct connection through cabling provides perfect stability and can be connected on either side of the headphones, left or right. Product Details ‐ Model Type : enclosed + dynamic ‐ Sound Frequency : 10Hz ˜ 80kHz ‐ Impedance : 32Ω ‐ Maximum Input : 1,000mW ‐ Input Terminal : stereo mini (adapter included) ‐ Cable Length : 1.2 meters (detachable) ‐ Accessories : carrying case, pouch, stereo mini adapter plug (phones) ‐ Headphone weight : 224g

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