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Reddit AMA with Armin Van Buuren

by spencertarring

Posted on April 24, 2019 at 07:23 AM

Reddit is a massive forum for entertainment and news, all of which is created by its users. One of the most popular sections is AMA, or “Ask Me Anything”. Basically, when someone hosts an AMA, people can ask any question they want to that person. Many celebrities have participated, including the U.S. president Barack Obama. Reddit_Logo_Wide Armin Van Buuren did an AMA while he was at EDC Las Vegas, taking questions from fans about his music, personal life, and everything in between. Below are some of our favorite responses from his posts. armin-van-buuren-smile-gif Armin Van Buuren: HEY GUYS WHATS UUUUP!!!! 🙂 🙂 davidxavierla: Hi Armin! Most of your loyal fans fell in love with your classic trance style from 90’s and early 00’s. I love that you’re bringing it back with your alias Rising Star. Can we expect more? Because we all want more haha Thank you for your beautiful music! oRbjf6R Armin Van Buuren: Always. I love the classic trance sound and only this year I’ve done a bunch of that. But I don’t want to close my eyes to the new and current sound and always integrate that into my sound. That’s why I love making a State of Trance every week. But for me, I don’t like too play too much old stuff. I mean, a classic re-work once in a while is amazing, but I see some DJ’s playing nothing but the 100th rework of Binary Finary. If we want to have that trance sound in 20 years from now, i think it’s important we keep an open mind to the young and new sounds in trance (like Mino Safy, Denis Kenzo, MaRlo, Orjan Nilsen, Vini Vici etc etc) Lightfair: Hey Armin! My question to you as a 52 year old woman who only discovered electronic music about 7 or so years ago is, at what age do you think a person in your audience looks out of place? I adore trance, have seen you many times here in Australia and will continue to attend events till I can’t dance no more! Armin Van Buuren: Seriously, IS there an AGE limit for enjoying dance music?? I say NO! It’s a free world, do what you want, please. Your time on earth is short. Make the most of it. Play it loud and RAVE it out!! See you on the dance floor! giphy-2Aziante: What’s your favourite aspect of touring? And any advice for someone just starting out in production? Armin Van Buuren: I love meeting new people and seeing different cultures. I mean, seeing the world on the news is one thing, but it’s different to actually go and talk to people and understand why there is a difference between religions, cultures etc Any advise: use for tutorials. I do that on the plane all the time (Armin power pro tip ;)) Seeannwiin: What’s your favorite and worst food? Armin Van Buuren: favorite: anything asian! Worst: anything “burgers.” But hard to say “no” sometimes haha maxresdefault lilweekend: Hey, thanks for doing this! Have you ever thought of making an album under a different name than “Armin Van Buuren” – like a Rising Star album maybe? And is there any chance we’ll see a Gaia album one day Armin Van Buuren: Ab-so-freakin-lutely!!! I’ll ask the guys if they’re down for me to produce more tracks for Gaia and maybe they want to tour more. But first: EDC tomorrow!! giphy-3 apolotary: Hey Armin, what do you think of mobile-based music production nowadays? Do you think that some parts of your setup could be replaced by iPads even now Armin Van Buuren: Why not? I mean, it’s about the chef, not the kitchen right? giphy

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