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San Holo – 1883Magazine Interview

by spencertarring

Posted on April 24, 2019 at 07:31 AM

本文得到授权转载,严禁其他媒体转载 Interview by Antonia Künzel @whatantoniadid Photo by Anne Laymond Translation by hana(@_海啸酱) Editor by kid666 Source:   Gaining fame after a series of remixes of old school Hip-Hop classics, which gained millions of views on YouTube within a short period of time, Dutch DJ and producer San Holo soon caught attention of major tastemakers such as Skrillex or Diplo. After releasing his “New Sky” EP earlier last year, he is now back with new track “Light. Going straight into the Billboard Dance/Electronic charts and spending several weeks as #1 on Sirius BPM, “Light” is San Holo’s most successful achievement to date. We had a chat with the likeable artist and talked about his musical preferences, Dutch DJs and the video to “Light”. Q:Hey Sander, briefly tell us about yourself and your sound! A:I’m San Holo, or, as people call me, San. With everything I do I just try to come up with a new sound. A couple of years ago I was really inspired by Hip-Hop music and trap music and decided to put some chords and melodies in it and that’s kind of the San Holo sound. All of my tracks sound very melodic, colourful and melancholic. Q:You’re from the Netherlands, a country with many great DJs and producers – has the country’s musical legacy influenced you in any way? A:To be honest not at all! A couple of years ago I wasn’t even listening to them. I think Holland is mainly known for the big DJs but I am mainly listening to bands and Hip-hop and beatmakers. I wasn’t inspired by DJs at all. Q: …so there are no Dutch DJ’s and producers you look up to?. A:Let me think about that for a sec. No, there are no Dutch DJs I look up to. Who do I look up to? I think I was more inspired by people like Hudson Mohawk and small underground producers like Kasbo, Saturn or Point Point. Q:Why do you look up to them? A:I look up to them because I think most of the trap music I heard at the time was very dark and ’evil sounding.’ Then, I was on SoundCloud and I discovered the sounds from guys like Kasbo, Point Point and Saturn and I was like “wow this is amazing, this is so new.” I was very inspired by how they were bringing something new to trap with their melodies and chords. Q:You gained fame after remixing Dr Dre’s The Next Episode followed by other remixes of Hip-Hop classics. Do you listen to Old School Hip-Hop in your free time, or what inspired you to remix those tracks? A:Definitely. I’m a 90’s kid, I was born in 1990. So I remember these tracks from my childhood, being played in cars and so on. There’s just something about it. I wanted to remix them because I was looking for things to remix and I was going through the internet, trying to find out what track hasn’t been properly remixed yet and to my surprise there wasn’t already a proper remix of those hip-hop classics. I couldn’t get a good, innovating remix of The Next Episode, Outkast or Nelly – Ride wit me, for example. So I thought maybe the reason why is that people don’t wanna touch the classics, so I decided to call my project “Don’t touch the classics”. I think people really liked it. I love the originals. The funny part is that this generation of kids think those remixes are actually the originals. Q:What is your approach when producing a new track? A:There are different approaches. I think sometimes the goal is to make something really innovative, which is my favourite thing to do, to create a new sound. I don’t think about anyone else, I just do my thing and don’t care whether people like it or not. The other approach is that it has elements which people can relate to – but still is innovative. A good example of that are the remixes – still keeping elements people know such as the lyrics from The Next Episode. Q:Touring in the USA must have been great. In which city has been your favourite performance? Are there any differences between a Dutch and American crowd? A:I have been touring in America a lot, and will go back to perform at festivals like EDC, Bonnaroo and Lollapalooza so I’m really excited for that. Touring in America is so much fun because, unlike in Holland, people are really dedicated to bass music. In Holland people like it but in America people love it. I guess that’s just America – if they love something, they are going completely crazy. In Holland you won’t have people tattooed with my logo or my label. In America they get tattoos of me which is insane to me but still is very flattering! The only downside of America is the 13 hour fLight there. Q:Tell us about your new track Light. We love the sound of it! Why did you decide to shoot the video in Kiev and not Zoetermeer though? A:In fact, Kiev seemed to be the best location because it kind of looks like a lost city, lots of buildings and maybe a little bit grey as well. My hometown Zoetermeer is like that too but I just thought it worked better in Kiev because I think the directors preferred that more, because of the looks of it and they had seen the area before. Q:…and how did the collaboration with Greg + Lio come about? Did you know them before? A:Well, I know some videos they shot and they look great but obviously there were some pitches from other directors who wanted to make a video of the song. I really liked what Greg and Lio planned. They kind of made a treatment and found a good way to translate the meaning of the song, literally, emotionally and metaphorically.

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