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The Art Of The Warm-Up DJ

by spencertarring

Posted on April 24, 2019 at 07:28 AM

As more and more people begin to be DJs, no matter how good you are, you will have to put some time in as a warm-up DJ. Are you qualified? Many warm-up DJs think they need to play as crazy as possible for everyone to leave good impression, so naturally they will want to play many hot songs and popular songs. But if you do that, you may find that nobody wants you to be their warm-up DJ, the show opportunities will be less and less. Warm-up DJs must know well what their job is; if the the atmosphere is too hot or too cold, guests will leave because they are either bored or get tired early, and the whole party will fail. So, warming up is a very difficult thing.   So the question comes, how should a warm-up DJ choose their songs? DJ/producer Laidback Luke uploaded a video called “The Art Of The Warm-Up DJ”, this video offers advice to these beginners, like what kind of songs are not suitable for playing, and what kind of songs are recommendeded.

Songs Not Suitable for Warm-Ups

TOO HARD Playing music that’s too intense is not recommended, especially during peak hours; stay away from songs with strong drum beats, has extreme sounds, or too much airhorn. Example:Juyen Sebulba & CAPTiSM feat. Snappy Jit – Choo Choo TOO BIG OF A HIT Don’t just play well-known tunes, or songs from the headlining DJ ,or in too similar a style to them. Example:Don’t Let Me Down (Original Mix)

Warm-Up Recommended Songs

GOOD VIBES Bring energetic and groovy songs that gradually will make everyone want to dance. Example: Zonderling – Analoog VOCALLY The women prefer to have light songs with vocals to warm-up to the music. Example:Lika Morgan – Feel The Same (EDX’s Dubai Skyline Remix) On PYRO, you can find some great warm-up songs in this playlist. Example:IBIZA FLASHBACK (2016 SEASON HIGHLIGHTS) This is Laidback Luke’s advice, so it’s definitely worth taking a look. And from the raver’s point of view, electronic dance music is  now developing rapidly, some DJs have these concepts down, but some just coming into the electronic dance music world. We hope to be able to convey to you the right way to do things, to make the headlining DJs and the crowd happy every time you hit the stage.

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