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Thinking About Going to Ultra Korea Next Year?

by spencertarring

Posted on April 24, 2019 at 07:24 AM

Looking at the second half of 2016, considering how much it is going to a music festival, you could struggle with the decision to go to Bali, Singapore, or Japan. But Ultra has officially announced a Korea stop in June 2017, and tickets are on sale August 23! And it’s coming up quick! Screen Shot 2016-08-19 at 5.42.51 PM The editor went to this year’s Ultra Korea performance, and got some very valuable experience to share. We can highly recommend taking a trip to go abroad to participate in a festival with electric music fans, and South Korea as a first stop will be a very good choice. 25.pic_hd First, you need to consider the costs before traveling long distances to go to a festival. It is cheaper to go to Korea than many of the other places in Asia. First is the price of tickets—if you buy early bird tickets which are around $100 in 2017, that’s the equivalent of RMB 660 yuan. If you choose a home stay like Airbnb for your accommodation, you may only need 1000 RMB, adding round-trip tickets for 2500 yuan. All together, combined with eating and shopping, etc., you can make the budget for 10,000 yuan or so.


South Korea’s visa processing in recent years is much more convenient, and the signing rate is very high. If you have a steady job and income, a basic trip to South Korea is no too much of an issue. They also offer 5-year visas, so with so many good music festivals in South Korea, ravers should consider it! 640-4


The performances at Ultra Korea are all on the weekend. This is great for the masses of workers, whose number of days off may not be that high. The festival used to last for two days, but this year on the festival’s 5-year anniversary, it has increased to three days. For now, we don’t know the exact time, the only thing we know is it’s in June 2017. For the new raver who just begin to take part in EDM festivals, two days festival will not make people feel too tired, and they will have good memories after the show. 30.pic_hd


With a giant stadium full of enthusiastic fans, Ultra Korea is going to be great. For ravers, Korea is a great host country, and can help the beginners experience a totally new style of music festival. korea-og-1


The Ultra Korea lineup has always been controversial, even the fifth anniversary this year, compared to Singapore, Japan was slightly inferior. But if the festival has your favorite DJ, the relatively low cost of South Korea is a great choice. And the South Korean team does not lack the international lineup of DJs. Just like Ultra Korea 2016, we can see there are a some good DJs.

Armin van Buuren

Armin van Buuren







Besides Ultra

Besides Ultra in Korea, if you have enough time, there are many other things to enjoy. For girls, South Korean cosmetics and other small trinkets are great, and South Korean cuisine is always worth trying. The streets of Seoul are great for the visiting tourist.


To sum up, Ultra Korea 2017 will be a good choice, if you do want to go, please follow PYRO Music, we will continue to release news and the lineup!


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