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2016 PYRO Music Year End Party ! December Weekly Live Stream Party Will Never End!

by spencertarring

Posted on April 24, 2019 at 07:26 AM

2016 has almost passed, now we’re getting into the last month. In December we will have Christmas and also will usher in a New Year. This means that we want to have a great parties to close it out. PYRO Music has a very rich music feast in December! For the Live Stream, we have already arranged all our content, there will be excellent DJs playing live at least three times a week. Every time we will invite a DJ or artist to come for a different kind performance, there are many international artists on the ground as well. We have a very long schedule, the specific contents of which will be announced later. 640 This schedule is the next month of our live stream, you can see we have invited some outstanding domestic and foreign DJs, many of which could be considered gods. We are usually live at 18:00, every day you can confirm the time on PYRO Music’s Weibo. The show will be on the panda TV platform, room number is 311544, don’t miss a wonderful show! PYRO Music Studios:


About PYRO Live Stream Also to add, we will be live on December 17, we will have different content, this time a private party, specific lineup is not yet released, we will send the invitation to some local industry friends to attend the party, you can also watch live! In another article, we have released the full schedul, now we will reveal a global senior Techno artist, Drumcell! He will come to PYRO Music on December 3, starting at 18:00.

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