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ADE + IYMF Mixtape Contest

by spencertarring

Posted on April 24, 2019 at 07:33 AM

  PYRO and Mansion are working together to create an incredible opportunity for China based DJs & producers. This experience will involve two parts that all China based DJs are eligible to participate in: Part I Nine (9) DJs being selected out of the mixtape contest to perform at Chinas inaugural International Youth Music Festival (IYMF) at Shanghai beach on either October 1st, 2nd, or 3rd. Part II Two (2) of these nine DJs will be added to the China Pavilion showcase on October 21st at Amsterdam’s prestigious ADE 2017. The pair of winning DJs will be able to showcase their skills and productions to the most concentrated audience involved in the electronic music industry! Process To enter, put together your BEST 60 minute mixtape that your song database will allow. If you need any fresh content, be sure to check PYRO’s recommendations for the newest releases every day! Mansion will choose their favorite nine mixtapes at the end of the month of September and reward them all with slot times at the Silent Disco stage of IYMF, plus transportation and food included! Based on their performances, two of those nine DJs will then be invited to spin at their China Pavilion Showcase in this years ADE*. *Transportation and hotel arrangements will not be included. Winner bears full responsibility for purchasing flights and making arrangements for the ADE show. This is a golden opportunity for all aspiring DJs hoping to get their music heard by the biggest names in the industry, add the prestigious ADE festival to your portfolio and make huge connections that could take your music career to the next level. How to Submit 1. Log into your PYRO DJ account (If you are only a listener, you will need to upgrade to a DJ account which you can do for free yourself) 2. Click the upload Arrow at the top right and select or drag in your mix. 3. Select the mixtape category 4. Fill in information and artwork correctly, Title the mixtape: “Mansion Mixtape” 5. Type in the tag section “MansionMixtape” * 6. Fill in the track listing (Optional – DJs will get one vote from PYROMAN if filled out) 7. Save * Steps 4+5 are very important in order to find your mix and add it to the official playlist. PYROMAN will be adding all submissions to his “Mansion Mixtape” playlist, you can check to make sure yours is on easily by just looking at your mix page or looking at his playlist. If your mix is not there then fix your tag or message him your mix on the PYRO platform only. Length 60 mins Music Choice Your preference, but the DJs who want to be selected to perform at the festival will have to be aligned to their music tastes. (TIP: IYMF Festival is an event dedicated to non-commercial music) Voting Votes will be casted in the form of “Likes” and comments, so the more activity your mix has the higher your mix will rise above. All submitted mixtapes must have at least 50 likes and/or comments to be considered and entered for review. TIP:It is wise to share your mixtape on all socials and ask friends and family to cast their votes by both liking AND commenting on your mixtapes for support! Grand Prize (2) **A DJ slot at the China Pavilion Showcase, an official ADE show for the top 2 DJs’ performances from IYMF. Preliminary Prize (9) A DJ slot at IYMF for 9 DJs that have the best mixtape out of all submissions! DueDates All submissions are valid starting September 6th, they must be uploaded onto PYRO Music by the 20th of September. Voting will be valid at the moment you upload until the final day of submissions September 20th. Mansion judges will choose their favourite nine mixtapes by Sept 22nd (TIP: The sooner you upload the more time you have to obtain votes!) Showtime The 9 selected DJs of the winning mixtape will have a primetime slot at Shanghais inaugural IYMF which goes down from October 1st until the 3rd. **Two DJs of those nine winners will play at ADE’s China Pavilion on October 21st. **All flight, hotel and associated costs will be incurred by the DJ. That’s all!Get mixing and Good Luck PYRO DJs! If you have any questions just feel free to email :  

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