CEO Update

CEO Update

by spencertarring

Posted on April 24, 2019 at 07:19 AM

Dear PYRO User, Its with great pleasure that I write this email to you, as I am extremely excited about the potential of PYRO here in China. I wanted to let you know a quick update on the platform, some key features being added over the next few weeks, and of course my vision of how I see the electronic dance music scene developing over the next year. Quick Update As you might already know, we turned on the beta site last week, and we celebrated with a great event at M1NT Shanghai. If you weren’t able to make that event you can see some of the pictures and videos here. I’d like to thank everyone for coming and making it such a success. After 1 week over 300 local DJs and almost 1,000 listeners have already signed up to the platform, and we are seeing on average 500 users a day come to the site. The numbers are quite staggering. Obviously during this beta phase we are only allowing upgrading to DJ accounts via an invite, if you wish to get upgraded, please just email and we will get that done for you. Next week we begin importing music from over 10,000 record labels around the world. All the latest electronic music from labels such as Spinnin’, Musical Freedom, Revealed, Hysteria, Toolroom, Mobilee, available for streaming and download, for FREE. You might ask how this is possible, but I can tell you they are extremely excited by the China market, and I convinced them to take it very seriously. The plan is always to keep it free, then in 2017 introduce premium accounts for those that want to support your favourite artists and help us satisfy the rights holders. But for now, please, enjoy this incredible opportunity. Especially as a DJ, you basically now have access to the largest DJ pool in the world, totally for free. Features You might of noticed that there are still a few bugs and of course a lot of features missing from the site. We are working hard to finish off all these key features over the next 4 weeks, and they include:

  • My Feed Your new home page on PYRO will be a feed featuring the music from the DJs you are following, and the music they are liking and interacting with on the site. This is going to be a significant change to allow you to really discover new music and filter direct through to your favourite influences and genres.
  • Playlists A key feature for users to be able to build lists of their favourite songs, share the playlists with others and of course find out what your friends and favourite DJs are listening to.
  • Message Centre We are adding an internal messaging centre so you can get in touch with other users of the platform, share music ideas, or pitch music to some of the labels on the platform.
  • Notifications When someone comments on your track, or a person you are following posts a new song, you will receive notifications allowing you to further interact with the site. Commenting will also be upgraded to allow tagging of users and replies to comments.
  • Improved design & view We are going to upgrade the layout of the site to better incorporate genres, trending tracks and who to follow. Keep an eye out for this.

The APP Obviously an incredibly important part of the platform for the market here in China, the app is going to be available in BETA on 15th Dec and will allow DJs and users to connect effortlessly with some extra special features to improve the experience. We are hoping for a full launch on 14th January 2016 and I can tell you its a super cool app. I cannot wait to share it with you! The Future of Electronic Music in China As a resident DJ in Shanghai for 6 years, I’ve seen a lot of changes, but none so much so as over the last 12 months. People have started to really become interested in different genres, both commercial and underground styles, and with it many festivals, clubs events and socials have been springing up, which is incredible for the scene here in China. PYRO is about all genres of electronic music, and we want YOU as a DJ and listener to discover the music that you love, and follow it with a passion. Support your local DJs, go to cool events, discover new experiences, begin to understand what drives people to make this music, soon you will see why we love it so much. Most important is to connect DJs with Listeners, but we can’t do this with local DJ’s taking it upon themselves to really promote their profiles and their music through our platform. Create something, upload it, put your PYRO QR code on your event flier, and tell as many of your friends as you can about it. No more mindless Chinese nightclubs with DJs being told what to play and people not caring about the music. Lets make this happen TOGETHER. If you have any questions about PYRO, or which to get involved helping us to promote the platform, please email the team on we would love to hear from you. Thanks again and 加油! Spencer Tarring CEO – PYRO Music

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