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by spencertarring

Posted on April 24, 2019 at 07:26 AM

banner Nearing the one year anniversary of its initial release, PYRO Music recently launched a second version of its app and web platform. The update, packed with new features to benefit both listeners and DJs, brings PYRO Music into a future where music is enjoyed alongside other rich media, including photo, video, and concert listings. The immersive experience allows PYRO to compete in an ever-changing media landscape, where fans can not only listen to and discover music from China and around the world, but dive deeper into the lives and backgrounds of the artists they love. As the electronic music industry in China matures, so does the need for a greater understanding of the music and those who create it.

A Brief History of PYRO

Though it is a relatively young company, its impression on the Chinese market is indisputable. PYRO Music was created in December of 2015 to fill a void in the current market; to give thousands of local DJs and producers a home for their music, and to give eager and curious fans a better way to explore the genres they love. Since then, PYRO has grown to over 100,000 active monthly users, with a catalog of 500,000 songs, and thousands of user generated uploads coming in every month.


New Features Updated Interface & Social Features

Included in this update are new and better ways for fans to enjoy music. PYRO Music has a completely updated design to improve user experience and encourage sharing. DJs and artists can now upload photos to share with their fans and sync music videos and live sets from their Youku page. We’ve also enhanced messaging between artists, fans, and labels to allow for better networking and fan interaction.


Venue & Show Listings

No healthy electronic music scene is complete without the support of venues and event organizers that are working to promote the artists and music they love. As such, we have added electronic music events and venues listings to PYRO Music. Venue pages have not only information, photos, and videos as you could find around the web, but can link in with their resident DJs to highlight their style and taste in music. Event listings are extremely shareable and allow for local artists to promote themselves using PYRO in a new way.


Top Charts & New Explore Section

Not sure what to listen to? Want to see what’s popular this week on PYRO? We’ve added a new system for our top charts, which calculates the current top tracks, mixtapes, artists, and labels, overall or by genre. The Explore tab includes international superstar DJs, PYRO Music recommended songs and playlists, and even more ways for you to discover new favorites.


What’s Next for PYRO

As PYRO Music grows, we strive not only to expand our user base, but to offer our support to the electronic music community in China. We will continue to hold mixtape and remix competitions, which allow local DJs and producers to interact with international artists and labels, and offer other opportunities for exposure through our weekly live streams and other promotion. For the site, our focus in the coming months is to add even more features for DJs, labels, and venues to allow them to expand and achieve their own goals, and to help electronic music spread into other communities across the country.  

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