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Krewella + Yellow Claw Remix Contest!

by spencertarring

Posted on April 24, 2019 at 07:34 AM

  If you haven’t heard New World, the newest collaboration between Krewella & Yellowclaw, then you must not be looking at the PYRO charts the past month. This record rapidly reached #1 days after its release and stayed there for nearly 30 days! This means that not only is the song a complete banger, but our advanced PYRO user base is feeling this track like no other this year. Fortunately for our user base, we’re good friends with Krewella so we decided to hit them up and let them know the song is a hit out here in China. As usual, we want to give back to the electronic music community and help it grow as much as possible, therefore we thought a remix contest for this much loved track is in order. So here it is, your chance to get noticed by the China friendly dolls that have come to the middle kingdom multiple times and meet them next time they touch down in China!  


Free entry to the next Krewella show in China Meet Krewella backstage to chat about their track, take a photo and get some official autographed merchandise! If the winning producer is also a DJ, then there will be an opportunity to play a warm up set!* Personal video message sent to the winner directly from Krewella! Custom designed homepage banner on PYRO’s desktop and mobile app for a week to fully promote to over half a million listeners! PYRO Swag Bag filled with goodies like a snap back, necklace, USB and more. This is done at the level of DJ’s experience and discretion of Krewella’s manager, PYRO and the club.  


We have all stems sent in HQ format directly from Krewella which include the vocals, baselines and all elements ready for you to tweak and remix into your own twist!  


The contest begins now, October 16th and will last for exactly 1 month so deadline is Thursday, November 16th. Click “” to go to the download page  


All remixes must be submitted by November 16th at midnight 00:00. All remixes must qualify by getting at least 50 votes, in either likes or comments (i.e. can have 20 likes, and 30 comments). Don’t just upload your remix and expect to win, you NEED to promote your remix to go anywhere in this industry! All remixes should use only the original sounds from this track or sounds made by yourself. No Ghost producing or buying tracks. Thats weak af. ALL music genres are accepted, PYRO + Krewella do not discriminate – bring on the trap, techno, dubstep you name it!

How To Submit

Log into PYRO

Click the UPLOAD button at the top right.

  Select REMIX   Fill out track information Title – “New World ([YOUR DJ NAME] remix)” Tag YOUR DJ Name as remix artist Tag “Krewella” and “Yellow Claw” as original artist Hashtag Krewella Remix contest so its easier to find your remix SAVE & SHARE! Its a New World out there, don’t get left behind!

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