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Kugou’s Electronic Music-Gathering Plan is Launched!

by spencertarring

Posted on April 24, 2019 at 07:24 AM

On July 26th, China’s first electronic music platform, PYRO Music, has entered into a cooperation with China’s biggest internet digital music platform KuGou, and China’s original music platform 5Sing Electronic Music Plan. Everyone loves EDM”, and so, an electronic music-gathering plan is launched… PYRO Music is a special part of this cooperation, having the leading technology, top DJ’s in the world, and legal copyright music. The Electronic Music Project gained support from EDM lovers as soon as it was announced. We have received 40 original EDM tracks and more than 200000 votes. The plan is going well and the next “EDM hero” is you ! 2

Promoting Tracks and Albums

Good music should be heard by everyone. Once a track is picked into “top 10”, it will be taken into the digital EDM album, and get promoted on the platform. There’s even a chance that you can get onto famous lists in Europe and the US. At that time, your music will be recognised by many people and get many fans. You can make friends and get to know more people famous in the industry. This can be an EDM dream platform, its time for you to go out and show yourself. 3

Comments and Recommendations from Famous EDM Producers

Good music should be appreciated by its veterans. KuGou Electronic Music Project invites four famous producers in the industry: Chinese legend DJ SPARK, local producer DJ SAM, long serving planner Jiang Yijie and famous EDM producer DJ CHILL. Theses people will choose 4 works every week, and comment and recommend. These works will get qualification from and get promoted by KuGou. You could get famous overnight! 4

Get More Than 10,000 RMB to Fulfill Your Dreams

Good music should get more support. What the world lacks is not people with dreams, but the opportunity to realize those dreams. Many talented producers with dreams are depressed because their life is so tough. KuGou Electronic Music Project will give you that support. This time, KuGou will promote these EDM producers and give funds to support the dreams and support the producers to make more good music. 5 On 26th of July, KuGou Electronic Music Project is open for entry. Follow KuGou and PYRO on Weibo to hear the latest news about the project. EDM lovers, please enter and work hard!

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