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by spencertarring

Posted on April 24, 2019 at 07:20 AM

While electronic music has been sweeping the world with a steep rise in popularity over the last ten years, it’s just beginning to take it’s hold in the largest market on the planet, China. Although it can be looked at as somewhat of a fledgling industry when compared to the US or Europe, the music business in China and Asia as a whole has the potential to explode in the coming years. As the Western world grapples with shifting business models, shrinking music revenues, and other problems, the Chinese youth are hungry for new culture and media, and are rapidly adopting digital music and streaming services that the country has not seen before. China currently hosts one of the fastest growing economies in the world, and music revenues have been on the rise consistently since 2011. Shanghai’s own Pyro Music has launched a brand new product specifically designed to appeal to China’s growing fanbase. Exclusively for the electronic music market, the web-based streaming service and corresponding mobile apps for iOS and Android are not only a hit among listeners, but the DJ’s and producers that are so crucial to the scene. Users can upload their own content, including remixes, mixtapes, playlists, and original music. Fans explore local talent and enjoy licensed music releases from thousands of labels, including industry leaders in the EDM world. In less than six months, Pyro Music has become the number one electronic music platform in China, already boasting over 200,000 users per month. The last five years have been a time of expansion of many sectors in the Chinese music industry. Especially in the music hubs of Shanghai and Beijing, new clubs and live houses have opened to fill the needs of young fans and musicians looking for a creative outlet. The electronic music scene has been at the forefront for many reasons. It’s a modern genre with it’s roots in the digital world which has massive appeal to the internet-savvy and socially connected young people in China. Spinnin’ Records made news recently with the announcement of their first Chinese artist on the label, DJ Carta. While the signing came as a surprise to many, it is a sign of the huge potential in the music industry in China, and proof that the future for the genre lies in Asia. Pyro CEO and founder Spencer Tarring has the vision to not only build a world-class music streaming service, but to help the music industry in China expand to greater heights. Originally from London, UK, he has over 15 years of experience as a DJ and producer, including several international tours and major releases. He brings his passion for electronic music to the company and the city of Shanghai, working with local venues and DJ’s to be the best they can. Pyro Music presents a unique solution to the many problems that face the music industry in China and the world over. In today’s digital world, piracy is an issue that takes money from the pockets of music creators and content owners. Pyro’s officially licensed catalog is extremely accessible, and increases the reach of international artists in China. Furthermore, the platform increases communication between artists and their fans, encouraging sharing and collaboration through conversation and comments. Pyro Music is a system built for the future, created to grow the electronic music industry and to bring the best music in the world to fans in China. Visit the company at or find the apps in the Android and Apple app stores. PYRO MUSIC LINKS Website: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Weibo: Wechat ID: pyromusiccn

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