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PYRO Mix Contest | Rules

by spencertarring

Posted on April 24, 2019 at 07:25 AM


PYRO is organizing a mixtape competition available to all talented DJs based in China. The mix is permitted to be up to 60 minutes long to showcase their mixing skills and song taste. We will choose two of the top DJ entrees each month and reward them with a paid booking gig at either of our 2 partnered venues based on their music selection reflecting the clubs direction.

This is a golden opportunity for all aspiring DJs striving to get a taste or land an additional booking at one of Shanghais most respected venues with unique musical tastes. In addition, this will be a paid booking totalling 3,000 RMB, airfare, and hotel costs paid in full [if necessary] in order to perform on the designated night [if not based in Shanghai].

Two runner up entrees will be rewarded with the newly featured Hercules P32 DJ controller (a 2,000 RMB value)!


How to Submit

1.Log into your Pyro DJ account (If you are only a listener, you will need to upgrade to a DJ account)

2. Click the UPLOAD tab at the top and drag in your mix


3. Select the mixtape category


4. Fill in information and artwork correctly


5. Type in the tag section “PMMC10” **   


** This is very important in order to find your mix and add it to the list. PYROMAN will be adding all submissions to his “OCTOBER MIXTAPES” playlist, you can check to make sure yours is on easily by just looking at your mix page or looking at his playlist. If your mix is not there then fix your tag or message him your mix on the PYRO platform only.

6. Select the UGC option for User Generated Content. Official is for those big record labels that use PYRO 😉





40 – 60 mins (TIP: Going the full hour will show the club judges that you’re the complete package)


Music Choice

Your preference, but the ones who want to be selected to perform at either of the participating venues will have to be aligned to their music tastes. (TIP: M1NT is more commercial and EDM based whereas Lola is geared towards the underground sounds like house, tech-house and some techno).



Votes will be casted in the form of “Likes” and comments, so the more activity your mix has the higher your mix will rise above. The top 10 most active mixes for each category (Commercial vs. Underground) will be reviewed by the PYRO music experts and then sent to the venues respected music directors for final judgement.

TIP: It is wise to share your mixtape on all socials and ask friends and family to cast their votes by both liking AND commenting on your mixtapes for support!

Disclaimer: PYRO has the right to scan ALL mixtapes for final review.


Grand Prize (2)

A proper booking gig at either of our 2 partnered venues in Shanghai. A paid DJ fee totalling 3,000 yuan. Hotel and flights paid in full [if traveling from outside of Shanghai].

In other words, one winner will spin at M1NT, and another winner will spin at Lola; both being paid 3,000 yuan!

Also, by courtesy of Hercules DJ equipment we will offer 2 runner-up contestant entrees their newly featured P32 DJ controller – a 2,000 RMB value!


Due Dates

All submissions must be uploaded onto PYRO Music by the 20th of Oct. Voting will be valid at the moment you upload until when we choose the winners on Oct 30th. (TIP: The sooner you upload the more time you have to obtain votes!)


Show times

The mixtape master selected chosen by Lola will spin on Saturday the 5th of November (Remember, Remember;).

The mixtape master chosen by M1NT will spin on Friday on 4th of November.


That’s all!

Get mixing and Good Luck PYRO DJs!

If you have any questions just feel free to email


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